Verificatum License 1.0  

The the source is open and free to study, modify, and experiment with, but it is not free to use. Consider our license waiver program if you represent a worthwhile cause or run a project that you think would be interesting to us. Please read the rationale of our license, or simply contact us if you have questions.

Features of our license

The legal license terms are stated in the Verificatum License 1.0, but informally the license can be described as follows:

  1. Perpetual license.
  2. Source code is open.
  3. Free for education, evaluation, research, and development.
  4. Fair license fee to use in elections, including any derivative work.
  5. Our trademarks must be visible.

Fair License fees

  1. Only pay for real use. You can experiment, analyze, evaluate, and modify our source code in any way without paying any license fee.
  2. Only pay for actual voters. The license fee for a given type of election is at any time proportional to the maximum number of actual voters in any election so far.
  3. Pay as you grow. After an election you only pay the increase in the license fee. If there was no increase, then you do not pay anything.

Development guidelines

We recommend that you consult our development guidelines if you intend to develop modified versions for actual use to avoid redundant work and protect the security of all users.

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