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Fair license fees

We released an early version of our software under the Lesser GNU Public License many years ago, but the interest from the research community to help us bring our software to industry quality suitable for security critical applications was limited. Thus, we have chosen a different path.

We want to see our research and development deployed in real applications and used by more researchers. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the industry to commit to the highest standards from a theoretical point of view, since this is rarely recognized as important by unknowledgeable clients, and it is costly.

However, there is a growing understanding of the importance of adherence to cryptographic theory among election authorities and other electoral management bodies. We hope that releasing our code under a license that makes it: (1) free for research purposes, and (2) require a modest license fee for actual use will gain the interest of both researchers and users.

Implementing prototypes may be novel research, but polishing software to industry quality is typically not and it requires many more resources. This explains the need to demand license fees despite that some of what we do at Verificatum AB is indeed research.

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