Reporting Usage Information

The Verificatum License 1.0 requires licensees to submit invoicing information and usage information when our software or any derivative work is used for election purposes. This must be emailed to by filling in the following XML templates. Each template is comprehensively commented to be easy to fill out.

Licensee invoicing information. This need only be filled in and submitted once. Upon submission licensee will receive a unique licensee identifier that is used to submit usage information with the template below.

Usage information. This must be submitted for each election where our software is used. Please use your licensee identifier if one has been provided.

We suggest that you validate your files against the schema files before submission. This is easy to do online or using tools such as xmllint.


When we receive your usage information it is verified manually before it goes into our database and if it is complete and correct, then we will send you an invoice.

License Fees

The license fees are given in the respective appendices of each library, namely:

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