Our license resembles standard open source licenses in that anybody can modify the software without interacting with us, and anybody can use the software without prior notice. Thus, we have no control over how our software is modified or how it is used. We may also only learn about who is using it after it has been used. Thus, we can not commit to support our own software, and even less so for modified software.

We trust our software, but support agreements must be negotiated separately, since they range from addressing issues or adding features within a "reasonable amount of time" to being physically present on site and being available throughout a high-profile election.

The cost of a support agreement depends mainly on how much time we need to dedicate to understand the application, and how much time we need to dedicate to guarantee swift resolution of any issues.

We may choose to support modified versions of our software developed by others (or by us in a consultancy project) if a client has needs that we do not think are suitable to include in the official software, but this requires that we have the same trust in the modified software as our own.

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